The Designer

NO Nathalie Ocalan was born in 2013 from the creativity and initiative of the young Italian-Armenian designer Nathalie Ocalan. The training at the Academy of Fine Arts (RUFA), with a bachelor in Graphic Design and the prototyping course of shoes and bags at the Academy of Costume & Fashion of Rome and the creative experiences between London, Paris and New York, lead her to explore the boundaries of Fashion and Art in the most modern and eccentric expressions.

Completely Made in Italy, NO Nathalie Ocalan bags are the expression of an essential, geometrical but sophisticated design, in which the research of unique shapes and precious materials often recycled is the heart of the brand. Nathalie Ocalan wants to be more sustainable and etical, in fact our collections are limited. We want to give to our customers the opportunity to pre-order our past and present collections to reduce production waste and eliminate any stock.

The brand is trying to be 100% sustainable , reaching and searching dead stock of leather and other materials, to respect all the world but above all the environment.